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You never have to worry again when you arrive at BLVD Estate Properties. This is your one stop for all of your Real Estate Business needs.

Modern Villa
Bright Living Room
Kitchen and Living Area


We strive to bring the best to each and every one of our clients every day. Whether you will be stepping into a new home or beginning a new business venture we will be there to make sure you succeed in every aspect of life. 

We don't stop at just a listing we will take you every step of the way. From lending, to escrow, to commercial we here at Boulevard Estate Properties will be there. In no part of your real estate venture will ever leave you wondering what is going on. We will make sure to not only help you, but to educate you as well so even you  can feel like you are on the Boulevard Estate Properties team.


The headache is gone as soon as you begin your journey with Boulevard Estate Properties. Every step along the boulevard will ensure that your property is sold without worry. 

Our priority is always first, and foremost you. Always striving to bring the best of the real estate experience to our buyers, sellers, and our agents. You will never have a worry again if you choose to drive down the boulevard today.


We will provide you with the best escrow services for all of your Real Estate transactions. With 25+ years of experience and with our bilingual team, we will make your transaction smooth and efficient.  Most importantly we will make it stress-free from beginning to end.  
Here at Boulevard Estate Properties we want to ensure that your real estate experience is just as thorough as it is hassle - free. To ensure this we provide these extra services: free home evaluations, free business consultations and public notary services as well.  

this is an image of the inside look of BLVD estate with a white wall and black BLVD logo
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