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You are searching for something more than just your standard real estate agency. Passing by the offices that only offer one service and no value you know to park at Boulevard Estate Properties to never have to worry again!

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Our Goal

A place where the agent grows with the potential to make as much money as possible based on the efforts of your efforts. We understood that we are in the people business where we provide not only best service to our clients, but to our BLVD family as well. 

Established In May 2016

Our real estate business environment offers different features and benefits to every individual in this industry. Many other offices lacked a genuine support, common goal, and the ability to truly help you grow which began our BLVD difference. We wanted to create an atmosphere where a humbled individual and a hardworking hustle was recognized, appreciated, and well rewarded as they deserve. 

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Karina Villagomez


With Karina's past experiences facing the real estate industry you can rest assured she will do everything in her power to take you towards your future. 

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Image of Karina Villagomez owner and broker of BLVD Estate

Gus Rodriguez


Gus is able to identify unique opportunities for his clients for both primary residencies and investment properties while educating them about the selling and buying process. 

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Image of Gus Rodriguez, owner and agent at BLVD estate properties


As owners we do not get a paycheck and we do not get benefits throughout the entire year. In return we decided to be humbled and hustle hard right along with everyone else. With our main goal of brining the BLVD difference and sharing the profits with the annual BLVD Hustle 50% Profit Share Program we hustle with each other, for each other.